Sidus NFT Heroes

4 reasons we like Sidus Heroes
(our latest and most entertaining investment )

In the serious land of blockchain technologies, web3 and cryptocurrencies, you sometimes land on a project which is as serious as a blockchain project could be but creates so many hours of fun and excitement. Sidus Heroes is one of these projects.

  1. The roadmap — as investors who are not here for the hype, we like to look at the bigger picture, at projects that have a long-term view. We think you can agree that a 4.5-years roadmap, broken into Qs and milestones is a living proof that these guys are here for the long run.
  2. The game economy — Sidus incorporates all the right mechanics that help create a thriving community and economy around the game (it has well-thought-of tokenomics, play-to-earn capabilities and is guilds friendly).
  3. The Graphics — as mentioned, this is by far one of the most beautiful games we’ve seen in this space. It’s clear that a lot of work and effort went into creating this amazing experience. Kudos to their creative team!

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